Tips to protect skin from AC

Did you know that staying in an air-conditioned space for a long time can make your skin extremely dry?

Reason: Air condition sucks out the humidity or moisture in the room, eventually drawing it from your skin too.

Here are some hacks to look after your skin if you spend too much time in the cool zone.


Take in a lot of Fluids
The basic rule to be followed for maintaining healthy skin is to drink water regularly. Food with a lot of water content like melons, cucumber, citric acid, berries will also boost the water level in your body.

Carry face mist
Keep in handy water-rich skincare products like face mist, they can reduce dehydration externally. Apply it at least three times a day or whenever you feel dryness.

Moisturise often
Moisturising often can keep your skin hydrated. Avoid those heavily scented ones as they harsh on the skin. For the lips, carry a lip balm and apply it every hour.

Avoid using heavily scented products
If you are in an air-conditioned space most of the time, your skin will become irritable to heavily fragranced soaps, perfumes, detergents etc.

Take breaks
Try to go out of the air-conditioned room often to get some fresh air.