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was there waterlogged in red planet ?

Today, Mars is a cold, dry world, home to dust devils and robotic explorers. But many scientists suspect it was once waterlogged.

A new study, published last month within the Journal of geology Research:Planets,suggests that a 75-mile-wide impact scar within the Martian northern lowlands is to the Red Planet what the Chicxulub crater
is to Earth:the mark of a meteor that generated a mega-tsunami when the planet was comparatively young.If correct, the finding adds evidence to the hypothesis that Mars once had an ocean, and would have implications for our search for life there.

Where Mars was ever warm and wet enough to retain a liquid water ocean has long been debated by planetary scientists. Several climate models have indicated that it was probably too cold.
But alternative researchers point to ancient watercourse deltas and alternative earth science proof of a northern ocean some three.7 billion years ago.

Additional proof includes hints of mangled,buried coastlines visible from orbit;these suggest that mega-tsunamis with skyscraper-high waves inundated parts of Mars northern shores around 3 billion years ago. On a world believed
to have lacked Earth-like plate tectonic theory,any tsunamis were most likely triggered by a meteor slamming into an enormous body of water.

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