New Apps that keep you going

There are millions of Apps on Google Play store and we can’t stop on a particular one. Here is a curated compilation of the best Android /iOS Apps you should be looking up to in 2020.

‘I will train systematically’

Nike Training Club
The completely free app offers a variety of personalized and customization options to kick start your workout regime. They have everything from a full training plan to individual workouts. You’re encouraged to create a plan that fits your workout type, schedule and convenience. If you own a smartwatch, this app can be linked to it for better optimization.

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Nike Training Club Android Version

Nike Training Club iOS App version

‘I will quit smoking’
Kicking the smoking habit is a common resolution and this app helps you on track. With a timer of how long you’ve been smoke-free to rewards for reaching milestones, it pushes you gently towards your goal.

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Smokefree Android App version

Smokefree iOS App version

‘I will be more organised’
Many of us vow to stay more organised as the new year rolls in. While the best way is to maintain a journal, apps might be the next best thing. This one allows you to note down and arrange apps on the basis of their priority. It also gives you routine reminders until you complete the tasks.

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Todoist Android App version

Todoist iOS App version

‘I will learn a new language’
If you’ve vowed to learn a language, Duolingo is the app for you. With 35 languages on offer, it is a free and easy way to pick up the basics of a language. The most popular languages to learn are Spanish, French, German and Japenese. They even have the fictional languages of High Valerian from the ‘Game of Throne’ series and Klingon from ‘Star Trek’ as the options.

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Duolingo Android App version

Duolingo iOS App version