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Tips to make New Year resolution work

New year resolution projected as a way of getting your self to do things your are too lazy to do otherwise, are notorious for not working.
Jokes about how gyms are full in January and empty by February indicates the course resolution take more often than not.
While many say you are setting yourself up for failure if you make a resolution, here are tips that might help you beat the odds.
Be Specific
Far too many times resolutions are broad statements such as ‘I will eat better’ or ‘I will work out more’. Get as specific as you can, and change it to ‘I will eat at least three vegetables and three fruits a day’ and ‘I will do 25 crunches every day before bed time’. These give you more clarity on what it is you want to achieve.
Prepare for obstacles
Know that it’s not going to be smooth ride. There will be days or even weeks when you might not be able to work towards your resolution. Prepare for these obstacles so that they cause less anxiety and friction.
Find Motivation
Some find it easy to remain self-motivated for long, but a mojority don’t have that ability. Find a friend or family member who can help you keep an eye on your goals. If your resolution is fitness-based, find a gym buddy; if it is centered around meeting new people, it’s always a good idea to venture to new places with someone you already know.
Monitor Achievements
While many goals don’t see immediate effects, keep a track of even the smallest wins. When you can see that you are making progress, it will motivate you further.

Why resolutions fail?

  • One reason most people fail at resolutions is that they think of New Year’s day as a dreamy gateway to success.
  • The fallacy is that the motivation comes not from the willingness to change but from the idea that a change in calendar will magically transform your life.
  • Making a resolution as a response to the hype and buzz around new year can only get you so far.
  • Continual motivation and change are the key to success.