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Health benefits of humble green gram

Popularly known as moong dal, the superfood can be coocked in many ways,Salads are a popular choice.


The super food is recommended for diabetic patients. Its good for your heart too.

Moong dal or green gram is apluse that is very common on Indian cuisine. Apart from being used to make tasty savouries.

Moong dal can be considered a superfood as it contains a good amount of low-fat protein,dietary fibre,potassium,manganese,magnesium,calcium,iron, folate and several vitamins. This superfood has several other benefits too.

Helps in weight loss
It is rich in fibre and low in calories.because of its fibre content,you wont feel hungry for a long time,there-fore reducing your urge to eat frequently. Protiens are good to help you lose weight too.

For a healthy heart
Moong dal is packed with iron,potassium and magnesium.these nutrients help in keepilg blood pressure levels in check and heart rate normal,apart from other benefits.

Good for digestion
The fibre contest makes it good for your digestive system,It also has anti-in-flammatory properties.

Help diabetic patients
Research by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has shown that consumption of the dal has effects on increased glucose tolerance.When you consume low-glycemic foods,you are lowering the risk of developing diabetes.

Improves blood circulation
Moong dal is rich in iron and this helps in the production af red blood cells.A good amount of red blood cells is crucial to prevent anemia and keeps the blood circulation good.

How to consume moong dal
you can make curries with moong dal and have it with rice or chapaties, A healthy way of consuming it is to make it into a salad.For this,soak the moong dal overnight.Drain the water but don’t dry it out.put the dal in a container and cover it with a damp cloth.Once they sprout, your ready make a salad.

Finely chop onion,coriander,green chilies and mix with the moong dal sprouts.The quantity of these can vary as per individual taste.Mix well after adding a bit of salt and lemon juice.A tasty and nutritious salad is ready to eat.

Note: The above health tips are guidelines and not substitutes for professional medical advice.


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