Some put full stop to periods

Women are experimenting with delaying their oscillation for months and years.

From fighting against stigma to exigent cheaper discharge product,women are declarative their right to a less painful monthly cycle. Some women are deciding to not bleed at all.

With a progressively strong perception that periods don’t have any health advantages,many women are using contraception pills to stop them.

Metro life brings you all the details.

What is happening?
Women in several western countries try discharge suppression,using birth control pills to delay their periods for weeks or months, or stop them altogether.

Why are they doing this?
In surveys,women gave several reasons starting from severe cramps and body pain to headache, mood swings and dark thoughts.

Some women said periods were a messy time they wished to avoid,while others said menstrual hygiene products were too expensive.

Is it necessary to bleed?
While regular periods are seen as an indicator of food health,they are not really necessary,some doctors say.if a women doesn’t want to bleed she doesn’t have to.

when a women menstruates,it simply means there are hormonal changes in the ovary.

The inner lining of the female internal reproductive organ gets prepared monthly to receive a baby.if the baby doesn’t come,the lining sheds.So,it is not necessary for the lining to shed every month, which implies it’s not necessary to bleed.

What about bad blood?
Doctors say at the idea that periods are necessary to get rid of bad is a myth that bleeding purifies the blood.when a woman bleeds,she loses blood from her body. The female internal reproductive organ isn’t a waste removal organ,she says.

What are the benefits?
From getting rid of serious bleeding to reducing the danger for internal organ diseases, there are notable pros for menstrual suppression, she says.

Excessive bleeding causes loss of blood due to which Hemoglobin levels may reduce to six or seven.

This can place stress on the heart,and lead to cardiac failure.

Anaemic women with excessive hemorrhage are at a larger risk of cardiac issues,she says.

What are the side-effects?
Consumption of progester one pills might cause bloating and a rise in weight.

There are no different major side effects from progesterone,but the pills aren’t suggested for women who have had carcinoma, she says.

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