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When on a Jordanian Sojurn

The beauty of Jordan lies in its mountains and beaches, castles and ancient churches, the urbanity of its people and the richness of its culture, which have contributed to its myriad one-of-a-kind photogenic sites.

Jordan offers a range of destinations wide enough to fit the look of any Instagram feed.

Dead Sea

Jordan’s Dead Sea remains one amongst the country’s prime attractions for its distinctive water qualities,climate, and historical and spiritual significance.


It is an impressive and mysterious wanting lake of sunshine turquoise waters with salt crystals jutting out of it, and golden-brown hills surrounding it.

Considered the world\s largest outdoor natural spa, Dead sea has been the holiday and leisure spot of choice for celebrities and top-flyers from all over the world for decades.

Lie back and float into nothingness with all the goodness of the Dead Sea soaking into your skin.

Rich in minerals and vitamins with healing properties, the Dead sea mud will make your skin feel fresh and renewed.

The Dead sea is definitely an Insta-win spot.

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Although a lot of has been written concerning Petra, nothing very prepares you for this wonderful place.It has to be seen to be believed.

Petra, the world wonder, is without a doubt Jordhan’s most valuable treasure and greatest tourist attraction and one of the must visit places in Jordan.

Nightlife: After sunset, Amman turns into a bustling city with a thriving nightlife.

The city is lined with coffee houses, bars, and restaurants in which you can soak in a cosmopolitan vibe.

The warm and friendly nature of Jordanians makes one enjoy the infectious vibe of the city.

Be it amazing Arabic architecture or tempting delicacies, Jordan reveals its another side only when the day turns to night.

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