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Check out the movies to watch before the year-end

The second half of 2019 has begun. This year’s film lineup as been reasonable solid, though it had its own pitfalls and peaks. Here are seven films you should look out for as the year nears its end.

Scary stories to tell in the dark

Maybe you’ve read the books, maybe you’ve not. Regardless, a horror film born from a collaboration of Andre Ovredal and Guillermo Del Toro will hopefully be nothing to sneeze at. The film promises a good package of scares, though unfortunately packed in a somewhat generic settings.

IT: Chapter two

Anyone who’s got fear of clowns, stay away.

Everyone else, prepare for the end of it as the Loser’s club returns as adults to take on the demonic Pennywise for their final confrontation, a full 27 years after they beat the clown senseless the primary time. Hopefully this point the film can take a deep dive into the horror that’s Pennywise, the Dancing Clown.

The first one, though excellent, fell a little short on that department.


The film may not follow the comics, as said by Director Todd Phillips, but that doesn’t mean an origin story for the Batman’s archnemesis is not worth revisiting. This time, it looks like the society gave birth to the joker, not a vat of chemicals or perhaps society is the vat of chemicals that births the Joker.

The Addams Family

The childhood blank comedy classic returns to the massive screen with a computer-animated avatar and variety of callbacks and references within the trailer alone.The only problem foreseen is the lack of Raul Julia as Gomez Addams, though Oscar Issac is undoubtedly up to the task.

Doctor sleep

Fans of the shining on the left queue, please. After what feels like an eternity – and possibly is, the legendary film gets finally its sequel with a solid cast featuring Ewan McGregor as Danny Torrence and Rebecca Ferguson as the villainous Rose the Hat.

One will solely hope its as worrying because the initial film.

Ford V Ferrari

Unarguably the sole alternative film that doesn’t feature horror in a way or type, Ford v Ferrari is a dramatic take on a legendary rivals between the two automobile geniuses and giants, particularly on the side of Henry Form 11 and Enzo Ferrari as Ford attempts to engineer the company’s legendary 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans win with the help of Carroll shelly.

Star wars: The rise of skywalker

Many, several fans were burned by the last Jedi, very similar to the Jedi Temple was burned by Yoda, however the adventure story continues and also the tale of the skywalker bloodline reaches its end in The Rise of Skywalker, which also co-incidentally promises the return of the Emperor as the apparently dwindling Resistance and the First order come to blows yet again, perhaps for the last time.

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