WhatsApp can be good for your health

A new study has claimed that people who tend to spend more time on social media, especially WhatApp, feel less lonely and have higher self-esteem, some sources from London.

Researchers at Edge Hill University within the United Kingdom have found that the text-based electronic messaging app features a positive impact on psychological well-being.
The more time people spend on WhatsApp, the more this related to them feeling close to their friends and family and they perceived these relationships to be good quality, said Dr Linda Kaye of Edge Hill University.
As well as this, the additional closely secured these friendships were and therefore the more individuals felt related with their WhatsApp cluster, the more this was connected absolutely to their vanity and social competence.
Two hundred users, 158 womens and 41 men with an average age of 24, participated in the study.
It was published in the International Journal of Human-Computer studies.