FASTag – How the new digital toll system is working

It is mandatory to get FASTag if you own a vehicle. The deadline is now Jan 15.

The union minister of Road Transport and Highways has extended the deadline twice. can explains FASTag initiatives:

Wasn’t FASTag free of cost?
– It was free till December 15. Now it is priced at Rs 100. With extra bank charges, it may a bit more. NHAI is selling it to Rs 100.

We see jams in the FASTag lanes…
– FASTag lanes are free flow. Cash lanes are where you find queues. The only complaints received on FASTag lanes is when users don’t have sufficient balance.

What happens when a vehicle has more than one FASTag?
– Only the relevant tag will be scanned.

Are public transport vehicles using FASTag?
– Drivers of airport taxis are still not very supportive of FASTag. They collect money from passengers because they want receipts. We want to encourage taxis to take to FASTag because passengers will unnecessary end up waiting. Why can’t drivers include the toll in the bill ?

What happens when a car, without a FASTag, accidentally enters the FASTag lane?
– It will be charges double the toll as penalty. We have seen the same people who are willing to pay double. In this case, we let them pay double and go.

How do you propose to get people to switch to FASTag?
– When people are charged double, it eventually pinches their pocket and they will fall in line.

Frequently asked questions

Where can you get a FASTag?
– At 22 designated banks and on websites such as Amazon, Flipcart, Paytm mall you can also buy one at a toll plaza. Some petrol bunks are also selling it.

What papers do you need?
– FASTag is a rechargeable service linked to a bank account or payment wallet. KYC documentation is a must. Carry a registration certificate of the vehicle and identity proof. If the vehicle is used by more than one person, fill in the other user’s details as well.

What is the price?
– A tag costs Rs 100. You can get it recharged according to your requirement. It must have a minimum balance of Rs 200. The maximum is Rs 10,000.

How do you recharge your FastTag?
– By debit and debit card and Net banking.

Does it have an expiry date?
– FAStag has unlimited validity. Unspent money remains with you.

How will you know how much money has been deducted?
– You receive an SMS alert each time there is a deduction.

Is there a helpline for FASTag?
– Call 1033. This is a general toll-free number setup by National Highway Authority of India. Assistance covers FASTag.

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